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Semaspore Bait


This bait contains a naturally occurring bacteria called Nosema Locustae that substantially reduces grasshopper infestations when properly applied. It is most effective when grasshoppers are young. It is harmless to people, animals, and other insects. 

  To apply Semaspore Bait, sprinkle it lightly in areas where grasshopper concentrations are the highest and in buffer zones 10 to 15 feet wide around the affected areas. There is no need to water the product in. Grasshoppers may take several weeks to die; however, they stop feeding immediately after ingesting the bait. During this time the grasshoppers that have ingested the bacteria may be cannibalized by other grasshoppers thus spreading the bacteria further through the population. In cases of extreme infestation, Semaspore Bait may need to be applied repeatedly throughout the warm season.