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 Insects and Pests

  Before treating any insect identify it. In the insect world only 5% are damaging; the other 95% are either beneficial or benign. Since most damaging pests will be controlled by healthy numbers of naturally occurring beneficial insects before they become a problem for you, it is very important for you to do your part to protect their populations. If treatment is necessary, spray only the affected plants and use the least toxic products available. Remember that even the use of natural pesticides and chemical fertilizers will diminish the populations of beneficials.

 Harmful Insects:

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Fire Ants    Cut Ants    Aphids    Beetles    Borers    Catepillars    Chiggers    Fleas   

Forest Tent Catepillars    Grub Worms    Mealybug    Nutcase Bearer    Pill Bugs

Scale    Slugs and Snails    Spidermites    Stink Bugs    Thrips    Ticks   

Webworms    White Fly