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Gardening Calendar  

° Plant warm weather annuals, perennials, and tropicals in abundance for color through spring and summer.

° Make applications of Sluggo Plus to safely control snails, slugs, and pillbugs on tender foliages.

° Put out food and fresh water for songbirds.

° Continue feeding flowering plants to keep them blooming.

° Release Trichogramma wasps to control nut casebearers in pecan trees.

° Apply compost to turf areas for improved growth and better water retention.

° Put up multiple hummingbird feeders and keep them filled with clean, fresh nectar.

° Plant caladium plants and bulbs after the soil warms.

° Apply beneficial nematodes to prevent flea outbreaks and control early grub infestations.

° Apply cornmeal around the base of roses to reduce the potential for blackspot and mildew.

° Plant warm weather veggies such as tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, beans, melons, okra, peppers, and eggplant.

° Apply Ladybug Sylvan mulch to beds and around shrubs and trees to decrease water needs and reduce weeds.

° Broadcast Semaspore bait as soon as young grasshoppers appear.

° Treat emerging fire ant mounds with Come and Get It or orange oil.

° Begin to spray a mix of seaweed and molasses to prevent an outbreak of spider mites.

° Spring only comes once a year. Don’t let a single day pass without spending some time outdoors in your garden.