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Gardening Calendar  

• Very important...Feed your entire landscape with Landscape Essentials if you have not done so in the last few months.

• Color your landscape with beautiful annuals, perennials, and blooming shrubs, trees, and vines.

• Apply beneficial nematodes to control fleas, fire ants, termites, wireworms, and other damaging insects.

• Begin a monthly feeding program for roses and blooming perennials using Color Essentials.

• Clean existing birdhouses and put up new ones to attract insect-eating songbirds.

• Apply a thin layer of compost to turf areas to reduce water use and minimize weeds.

• Release trichogramma wasps now for early caterpillar control.

• Apply whole-ground cornmeal around fungus-susceptible plants such as roses and tomatoes.

• Create an herb garden/kitchen garden.

• Begin planting warm weather vegetables after the danger of frost has passed. Plant tomato transplants and seeds for squash, beans, cucumbers, and melons.

• Apply Sluggo Plus to control snails, slugs, and pillbugs.
Put out multiple hummingbird feeders.

• Prune spring-flowering shrubs and trees after they finish blooming.

• Scatter Semaspore bait if young grasshoppers are present.

• Plant strawberries, blackberries, and grapes.

• Spend time outdoors in our glorious spring weather!