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Gardening Calendar  

• Remember to show your love on Valentine’s Day!

• Colorful winter annuals will brighten your landscape...Plant them in profusion!

• Liven up indoor spaces with lush, green houseplants.

• Apply fertilizer to your entire landscape to promote healthy, vigorous spring growth.

• Create an herb garden.

• Begin pruning in mid-February––green and summer-flowering shrubs as well as bush roses and fruit trees.

• Plant root crops and leafy greens, asparagus, onions, leeks, snow peas and plants in the cole family.

• Prepare the soil for your warm season vegetable garden.

• Cut back ornamental grasses and other plants that have frozen.

• Continue feeding houseplants and all plants that have been brought indoors for the winter.

• Take care of native and overwintering songbirds by offering fresh water and a variety of food types.

• Start tomato and pepper seeds indoors in January.

• Apply 1/2” of compost to turf areas for improved growth, better water retention, and weed control.

• Sow Playmate winter rye for a green lawn, to prevent mud, and to help stop soil erosion.

• Make the first release of trichogramma wasps in early to mid-February to control tree-damaging spring caterpillars.

• Control green winter weeds with orange oil and vinegar.

• Anytime you think our winter weather is cold and dreary, check the forecast for Bangor, Maine. You’ll feel better.