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Customer Submissions

This was my lawn on Wednesday morning, the day after it was mowed. There were 3 huge bags of grass clippings; it had not been mowed for 6 weeks.....with some of the areas reaching a height of 11" - I measured them with a yardstick (^_^)!
My lawn man said that he lost over 70% of the clients he had and that I have had the BEST lawn all summer long. And Shades of Green instructions/directions still produced the best! His wife said he was almost in disbelief when he drove up and the grass runners were almost a foot across the sidewalk (^_^)!
Thanks for all your help in making my landscape one of a kind - especially in this triple-digit temp summer! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and it certainly is in this case!  --Sylvia
Noelle J had a lot of tomatoes this year along with some beautiful herbs!
Sylvia ALWAYS grow the biggest tomatoes!
Mark G. has a lot of basil planted in his garden.